I have to learn


I keep learning new things and last week was no different.  I found a group of like-minded people by accident or was it. I was writing diligently, about gut instinct. My story is about not acting on it and what would or can happen if ignored. Anyway, that’s another story. I needed a break from writing and scrolled my FB news feed. I found the MERGE SUMMIT. What is that? I went to their website and it said, merging faith and media. Okay, what is that exactly, do they mean church faith or keep the faith. So, I clicked the video presentation of past summits for a better understanding. What I heard spoke so loudly. I had to go and be there.

Denzel Washington was on the video presentation speaking about gut instinct, I call it. He said, “That it is God’s way of letting you know it is yours already, that itch that desire in the heart for anything good is yours to claim.” I thought, wow a conference on this desire I have, guided by faith. I had wondered does anyone else give up everything they know to follow their heart acting on gut instinct guided by faith. Apparently, people do.

I continue to stumble upon the things I need to hear and find, right when I need them. God works through people if allowed to do so. I’d like to act as his vessel this morning, for someone needing to hear and identify with my message here.

Thank you, MERGE SUMMIT for being the vessel I found. God spoke to me, through you.