A poem for you! – You said, “What a pity, to lose them.”

I am touched by your sincerity and devotion to my work.
A poem below, for you. My editor hasn’t touched it, yet. I did the best I could, alone.
I write like I talk. Don’t know if that is good or bad, but here you go. : )
i want you to enjoy, reading it. (Poetry is not my strength)

Recognize we are part of God; divine in face value.
Let your will be done, whatever is wished, fulfill your desires with passion.
There is a spark emitting inside each and everyone. Ignited it becomes much more.

Coming out of a fire’s blaze is the place where, we once originated.
Our highest self, uses the spark as an ultimate illumination, meeting love.
Then, we know it, for the first time.

That’s it.
I wrote it as a departing poem to my friends when, I left for Malaga, Spain.