I’m happy, to be doing, my part.

My nephew was asking, what do I like to read. I always feel guilty now, when asked this question because, I am being called a writer. My book is nothing like what I read. I don’t read the things most others read. At least, I don’t think, so.

“The Egyptian Book of the Dead” who reads that. I do, I like to read that sort of thing. The principles of “MAAT,” the “Bible” over and over again. I like to read about the “Mayans” and “Magnetic Fields” I read topics. I read them because, I am convinced I’m psychic and those topics all relate somehow to everything in my life.

So, there you go. I am on something else, I think. I know, there is so much more to the world we live in than can be seen or touched. I have so much in my head, I share part of myself in my novel. I am still learning about life. I tell you what, when I figure it out, I will let you know.

But, I do have a story that is nothing like my novel. I’m still working on it, most interesting story. It’s about being psychic. I have had conversations with others I never met before. Yet I knew what they were going to say when we met. You know that’s weird. I have had the most interesting life, I think, I seek knowledge constantly. “No grass growing under my feet.” My grandma used to say, LOL! I think it will all tie together, with my present novel one day. Life is great, I’m glad to be sharing my part of it. I feel guided by a greater purpose, I’m not sure what that is yet. I aim to find out.