Mentally, physically and emotionally, we are all the same.

The Dalai Lama said, “Mentally, physically and emotionally, we are all the same.”  It is  true, in spite of the negative energy that exists. I try to remember it when, confused about the intentions of others. The difficulties in life or misunderstandings experienced are a point of view. It is  a personal one and has nothing to do with my view. I try  to be compassionate toward others.

I know, there is a reason for confusion. Objectivity, gets clouded by emotions effecting how things are interpreted. I forget that sometimes because, it isn’t “my emotions” affecting the view. I can only deal with people honestly.

My book is about this very thing, I’m writing about now. I don’t believe, I can know, how much I may have hurt someone else. I am not evil, I don’t purposely hurt others so, I can live with it and apologize. But because, I am forthcoming doesn’t mean I won’t be misunderstood.