“The attention deficit experiment”

By Andrea N Carr – Fiction

It was meant to enhance the brain’s function, a drug given as a vitamin supplement to unknowing and unsuspecting pregnant women, picked at random. Though it was effective and did what was intended. It worked to improve the intelligence of these babies, but because it does not appear normal or smarter in most cases until recognized for what it is often misdiagnosed as mental illness such as Manic Depressive or Bipolar Affective Disorder. Due to the scattered thoughts associated with it sometimes hyper activity and the difficulties experienced when trying to convey or express such rapid thoughts to others.

Not even the test subjects (mother’s of ADD OR ADHD children) given the supplements had any less difficulty relating to the behavior of their children. Unfortunately, or not they out think and don’t hear instructions, like others. Needing tasks broken into steps for their compliance. Over awareness, makes for being easily overwhelmed with thoughts in a constant state of distractedness,  hearing everything said and then some; hard to process commands as a result.

The problem is the heightened or enhanced neuron synapse functions in the brain become scattered thoughts over stimulated neuron firing that is needing to process something usually, in the form of intrusive thoughts but will pick up anything such as  movement or color – daydreaming.

Functioning too fast for absorption cognitively, through the rapid influx of information, a photographic memory develops remembering the answer to a math problem years later or old phone numbers. From any source in a reasonable proximity such as, nearby conversations or a TV set too loud has some stored content in such heightened awareness brains.

Remembering commercials verbatim or knowing what others were talking about is not uncommon. Unknowingly, to the subjects themselves whom are being affected at the time, it is estimated to be a high 75% of the 1000 studied with unknown memories. Of that 1000 studied, 100% have demonstrated total recall or super awareness memories from unknown origins.

Harnessing super brains as these, can be challenging to say the least. It was originally thought, these children would outgrow the effects of these drugs. Given to their mothers during their gestation period. We were wrong, they not only, did not outgrow it’s effects they passed it on to their children.

Also in many cases professional therapeutic interventions helped with medication for such hyper thoughts and activities. Side effects from the medication stunted growth and had abuse potential. However, no cure is known, debates continue if one is actually needed. The contributions made to society by these individuals have far outweighed the side effects.

A matter of opinion, I guess. The use of drug X has not been used in over 60 years. But the effects are still seen lingering today.

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