… would you describe it?

“Family Tree”

Why is your story different, would you describe your story? 

“I don’t know why it’s different except, there is only one me.” Starts intense with the tragedy because, I didn’t want to build to a predictable ending — I hate that. The book isn’t about that anyway, but it fuels the storyline. The far from tragic jail cell beginning, helped set in motion circumstances snowballing, very quickly.

Just when Angel thinks she knows, what she is facing a bomb drops on her, if being in a cell isn’t stressful enough but not tragic. She needs to get out, her son needs her now, I mean really needs her and being at the mercy of others to comply terrible, to think about. They let her out of jail for four days to take care of him and attend a funeral because she didn’t really do anything serious and it’s an emergency.

The title is somewhat, misleading yet, very appropriate at the same time. “I created an unusual type of ‘family drama’ though, it reeks of that, also.” It isn’t the average cast of characters but, mixed with the average ones. An array of emotions through her transformation — laugh, cry. Yet, subtle and poetic with it’s delivery.

I played around some, with the names “Angel” is the main character who is narrating and nowhere near being angelic. “Jesus” and “Mary” are married to each other. Jesus is Latin, the husband of Angel’s best friend. Some names have a symbolic meaning reflecting the importance they hold for her.

It’s sort of like “Pulp Fiction” meets the “Color Purple” (laughs) and a very, realistic read. “But different, when I think about it.” Exactly, the way a child from Alice and Quentin would turn out but, Alice would have the dominant genes here. (laughs, again) The reason I say that is because, the circumstances are over the top. The hits just keep on coming, so to speak, to the end.

“Read it, that is best because, I get rid of the feelings I had when I write things. I don’t remember my poems or anything.” “I’m done with them at the end purged from, the purpose they served.”

I want my writing to do the same for anyone who reads it. Remembering, I tried to help people, what I want.