They get us into trouble, labels.

 …Live, doing what you want.

The labels I apply to myself have nothing to do with the labels for yourself and vice versa. I think they can be identifiable – common denominators: Gamer, Writer, Male and Female, etc. Though, one might think and feel your label can apply to them also – guilty by association  – which couldn’t be further from truth but, nonetheless, taken personally; it’s another’s lifestyle don’t judge. In reality, it doesn’t have the effect believed to be caused – rubbing off or the unwanted judgement based on the label from others like us, doing the same thing. It’s like reading the cover of a book and pretending to know what it’s about.

Self esteem.

The problem with labels is most often we believe that others need to believe the same thing as us in order for it to count. Power in numbers. What we need to believe about ourselves is true for us. I am asking everyone to believe with me please, that I’m an overnight sensation; I love saying so, to myself and to others because, when you think about it for awhile, doesn’t it create excitement for you also, if it were true? To be honest, I don’t believe overnight sensations actually exist except, in our minds. This is the point, I’m trying to make, reality is in the mind. Mine works for me.

Ask anyone who has ever been labeled that way; they’ll speak of all the hard work they put in beforehand. No one knows about or associates the work with the success. I know, I do it too but I don’t care. I like the energy, the inspiration it gives when I think of someone this way especially, me. I love the idea of a new sensation, feels good. I choose to feel good.

I’ve said all of this to present my New Year’s Resolution: I cannot trip on the labels of others anymore, I’m sticking with mine. People believe what they want to believe, regardless of truth. If it makes them feel better well, alright. We all share the same thoughts and feelings for whatever reasons. Emotions make it good or bad. I am choosing to look for similarities and keep the judging of or from others distant. I think, I’ll be a happier person as a result.