Why do you write? What got you to tell your story?

Why do you write? What got you to tell your story? 
I wanted to write and have written for a long time. But, was insecure to let others read it. I had ADD and have AADD and mild dyslexia so, it was not easy to write. I knew there were things, I wanted to share but didn’t know how very well. I took a risk one day, I did the best I could and gave what I had written to someone whose opinion, I valued. It never stopped bothering me to try, though I had long given up on the idea of writing. I would write poems at first some children’s books back then. As it turns out he loved the poems; wanted to make them songs. He is in the music business, I didn’t want to do that. That experience taught me something to follow your heart or gut instinct. I never lost that feeling, never went away, I only ignored it. I decided not to anymore though, I had a successful career. 
When I was medically terminated from my job I was, devastated. I wrote for relief of my anxiety to express emotions I couldn’t with, anyone. Because, I had no one to be angry with. It was no one’s fault, not even mine, I got sick. I thought, here I am right back at thinking about, writing again it won’t go away. Yet I did write so poorly, I thought it just wasn’t for me. Because of my learning issues, I had resigned myself to finding another outlet. None of them worked the same way.
So when a tragedy happened in my family during the time, I was trying to find my way back from, being lost in what, I was going to do. I wrote my first book. Never had a rough draft nothing to guide I just told the story. One time, that was it. I found simply concentrating, on the story I want to tell was is the answer that worked and not the punctuation. That is important, though. I had to learn to write the way it works for me. A lot of editing, I had done before I over punctuate out of insecurity. I read a lot of books that helped to learn. I didn’t know it at the time. I started to rewrite stories I read. … and there you go.