My idea of a poem

I love flowers and to laugh a lot. I’m optimistic, I find something positive about most things in time. I look at mistakes as experience and choose not to dwell in them. I look at the world and see a work of art; a place which expresses beauty.

I always, do the best I can, realising, sometimes it’s not the best. I ask for help when I need it. I’m one of the nicest people you may, ever meet. I over react at first when, I’m upset then calm down and try to find a solution. I don’t give up on anyone or anything. I may decide, it’s not for me after I know everything about it.

I like being in my company. Though, I seclude often, I love people and demonstrate selfless acts of kindness often. I’m a good friend and mother. I’ve been called mean, I’m not. I expect the best from others, why would I accept less than what I give. My son says, “You don’t know how you sound, sometimes.” Yes, I do.