A bit much, you think?

2014-08-16 11.35.42

I’ve gone a little fam tree crazy!

2015-02-07 21.23.28

Nice card and flowers from my friend “Believe” in yourself. On my dresser when, I got back from the Grammy party.

Thanks, for acknowledging how hard, I have worked. What no one else can see.

All the times you have asked, “Do you realize how long, it’s been since you have eaten, don’t you have to pee?”

I can hold it for a while, now.  “Oh my God, can I just talk to you?” I heard you, walking away.

No not yet, I am not going away anywhere yet. I have sacrificed time in my relationships, ignoring people

who truly care about me. I’m sorry for that, now you have a public apology, can you leave me alone.