Careful, what you wish for…

Its hard to know what to act on first or at all.

What is genuine and what is not when something pops up on the screen

every time the opportunity presents itself. How can I know, the true importance of it.

I don’t know, what is actually, needed.

People attack websites for no reason. Send viruses through comments and apps.

I had no idea, this sort of thing happens I never thought about it.

Why would I if unaware of the possibility. So here is a tip:

If you are building your own website and I thought I was making progress doing so.

Protect it from cyber attacks. I ended up with 6 viruses on my computer and now locked off my social sites.

I can only post through my blog.  I never saw it coming.

It’s frustrating to try hard and build a platform to have it sabotaged in one click.

It’s so much, I have to think and do about trying to make a positive impact on the world.

Concentrating on what I want and don’t want to do is plenty.

I don’t want to believe anything, other than people have my best interest in their mind.

Because, I feel that way. All we really have is each other.

Concentrating on what others can do wrong expecting, the unexpected.

I have never been good with that I need  reminding of it all the time, I was reminded.

“Sorry,” Andy. So he took over my everything including my email.

In my defense when, I’m told,  “Send me the code as soon as you get it.”

I don’t get that unless, I know why or if it’s important because, it just sounds like one more thing.

“What more do I have to say?” Andy said.

He only lets me post here for now, I feel like a bad child. The only difference is it’s costing me money to be

punished. I don’t think I’m unrealistic. I really don’t.

I don’t focus on negative things it’s hard for me to prepare for them ahead of time.

Until they happen to me.

My son says, “Why do you always, believe everything is good.”

“I want to believe it.” I have compassion.

Whats wrong with thinking most people are good and it’s rare for people to be bad.

Doesn’t everyone for the most part, feel that same way.

Whatever negative things happen I move on from it.

Though, I am taken back by it at first I don’t dwell in it…

I have to look at it as experience.

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