Day 23 In The Hole

Steven D. Jennings


I am sharing the journal I kept while I did 7 months in the hole.

Journal entry dated 12/17/08:

Today was exchange day for jumpsuits. I have one of those really nice orange ones. Nice and thick. Zips all the way to the neck. I like mine big and baggy. I tuck the bottoms into my socks. It’s like lounging in my PJ’s all day. Love it.

I’m laying in bed when this mean guard comes by and kicks the door. He startles me. I look up from my bunk. He says in a curt voice, “What size jumpsuit do you need?”

I say, “3 X” as I get up and walk to the door. He eyeballs my body from head to toe, then says, “You’re getting a 2 X.”

I know about this guard. He’s well known for being a complete jerk. He comes to work on the war…

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