… On being called a writer – Argggh!

“Why do you use words you make up?” my son, asked.

Corporations use them as adwords to get their point across so why, can’t I?

“Not the same.” he said.

“Literature is interpreted, what’s different about it?”

It’ s not like a stand in neologism.

I explained.

Sometimes, the way it sounds fancies my spirit.

I remember when I was writing – every poem in a rhyme.

Some stories in a rhythmic patterned flow (verse) for another time because it soothed my soul’s tempo.

I wouldn’t have called them a poem but, it was poem’s I was writing technically.

I hate long poems so, not a poem to me. Rhythmic storylines in verse. Ha!

I hate musicals, wonder why?

Anyway, it felt like “this is the house that jack built.” when reading it out loud.


All about feelings and vibes for connecting.

Linguistic prescription isn’t a good friend of mine.

I have to feel happy about it in the end. At the risk of being misunderstood.

Sometimes, I speak in a southern accent all day long with my friends or write as

Shakespeare for months at a time.

Lol, okay that is a bit much to most.

When I was in jail all the letters I wrote home were in

Shakespeare’s english  verse which made it amusing as hell.

I had to find ways to entertain myself.

Lol, my friend Dwight said, “Do you have to write it this way?”

“Just read it.” I told him.

“Let me know what you think, if you understand it and what part is unclear, if any.

Keep in mind you have to think as if you are alive back then; be fun for you.”

“Write back the same way. Can’t you do that?” I instructed.

“Do I have to be the hamster in your writing experiments.” He said.

Not the answer I wanted from him.

I stopped doing that with others it’s an acquired taste, I guess.

No one was into it the way, I was then.

I do it alone still sometimes – Hamster chronicles. Lol!

I have to be true to who I am and a literary rule box can’t be the space I write in.

My intent is not to insult literature.

But the rules of it can’t define my writing style or purpose.

Literature outlines my writing certainly.

I am concerned with the meaning behind what some  words I use imply.

The way I use words like “life’s” for giving my life possession of the experiences no longer defining me.

Because, it expressed what I was feeling about, what I said at the time.

I know when it’s wrong, I don’t care.

If I am understood; when received in context with the sincerity intended.

In order to convey the essence of heartfelt writing I put out.

BRAVO if it works if not, I keep trying.

When reading my writing picture my face, speaking to you leaning forward with passionate intent. When I’m finished speaking, I sit back in a chair and wait to see if you ask any questions after, taking it all in. I can’t always answer them. Not trying to either. I write to show we feel the same way.

I’m not saying, proper english and grammar should not be considered by any means, I am saying, as an artist using self-expression by “my own merit; essential for writing happiness.”

I want my writing perceived  as a “visual” description, make up your own mind about it. We are watching like flies on a wall together. While you are being told about what I am seeing right there with you.

I learn from it also, it could be presented differently.

It’s not.