My nephew

Y’know, ever since Edward Snowden released the information that our government’s intelligence branch has been illegally spying on us and trampling our right to privacy I’ve heard a lot of people call him a traitor or, even worse, say things like “why do I care? I haven’t done anything wrong so I have nothing to worry about!”. Frankly, thus sickens me to the core. If you have even a minuscule education in history you are aware of the lesson it has taught: never give up your rights now because you don’t know when you may need them in the future.
Furthermore, I believe citizens of this planet and citizens of America have the right to read a book, by a plane ticket, make an off color joke, or ride a train anywhere they please without having to worry about how it’s going to look to a government agent upon review. Is that the freedom and liberty so many say our troops fight for? Is that the freedom and liberty the people who call themselves patriots believe in? Is that the freedom and liberty that voters on the far right are so proud to support wars over?

I know where I stand. Stay educated friends and remember the lessons history has left us less we repeat our mistakes. Have a nice day.