Review: Family Tree The Novel

Family Tree

                           Family TreeAuthor: Miss Andrea N. Carr

Gold Stars 4-5Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Recommended Reading.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ African-American Literature

What does it take to make a better life for yourself? How is a better life even possible when your family is falling apart while you’re stuck in jail? For Angel, life has never been easy but she’s managed to reorganize it to fit her circumstances – multiple times over. When tragedy strikes and she’s locked away from those she loves it’s a battle of wills between me, myself, and I in order to assess the damages of a heart wrung out one too many times.

Miss Carr launches readers immediately into a crisis that rocks the foundation of the protagonist, Angel’s, life. She is mercilessly forced to re-examine her core beliefs in order to begin to understand her family and heal from wounds both present…

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