Poem – Differently

I can’t be that different from, everyone.
People need to be right about, anything.
They see what they want to see.

Not the truth I believe, you know.
It sets you free, I thought and heard.
I don’t understand what is empowering about fooling self.

Into believing one does not make mistakes.
One does not misunderstand or make any errors.
Isn’t this a part of our learning process in life.

What makes you different?
When do you see.
Doesn’t mean I am right either but, be open to it being a possibility.

I could care less about always being right,
making this poem a contradiction of reality.

Though, not to the point of being blinded
to the idea of others telling me something different, I can’t see.
My interpreting a different truth than your’s, right or wrong is still the truth.

Yet, I am the one left disappointed.
Over and over from, your denial of,
the possibility of being wrong.
How do you have to be to not see self.

Who would lie this long, to not be one’s self.
All of my life, you have done this.
Actions tell on you anyway, even if saying nothing.
Nothing ever changes what happened, without even a whisper to who you really are inside.
Trying to fool everyone, who is not watching you very close.
It doesn’t matter to them.