“I Want to Shout” By, Andrea N Carr


Have you ever felt, you are being guided by something you are waiting for the world to get, so it defines you. Yet, certainty of what it is exactly, escapes even you. But, you just know you have to figure out how to do it and get it done or be tortured. Lol, that is what this poem is about. I thought, I would feel better after, writing it. I don’t actually, worse usually not the case afterwards. I think, because I only been reminded of what bothers me.

Gosh, is this how purpose feels? “I don’t know, I only know, it will be manifested through writing.” Deep, deep breath, ahhh only time I get relief is to say, that to myself about writing. “It’s the only thing I’m certain, I do know.” I am not impatient or doubt ability, the problem is I stumble upon everything to do with writing. “I don’t like doing things in this way that feel so important to me. I would like for purpose to have a clearer path.”

I do have one word sticking out in my mind through, writing this. The word that comes to mind as I finish this sentence is – Embrace

“I Want to Shout”   

By, Andrea N Carr

I am having a mindless collision.

I am wondering, if I make the right decisions.

Release the hold that keeps bothering my mind.

Leading to the answer that’s hard to find.

I am bleeding obscurity and selfless doubt.

Caused from an esoteric quest of purpose for what my life is about.

Unpredictable efforts that know Me seep out to 

remove the hand of uncertainty covering my mouth.

I want to shout!

What is taking so long to figure this thing out.

I want to shout.

Will anyone know what I’m talking about.

I want to shout.

Hear my frustrations as they come out though,

I have no certainty of what I’m shouting about.





What is Epistemology?

Epistemology is the study of our method of acquiring knowledge. It answers the question, “How do we know?” It encompasses the nature of concepts, the constructing of concepts, the validity of the senses, logical reasoning, as well as thoughts, ideas, memories, emotions, and all things mental. It is concerned with how our minds are related to reality, and whether these relationships are valid or invalid.
Why is Epistemology important?

Epistemology is the explanation of how we think. It is required in order to be able to determine the true from the false, by determining a proper method of evaluation. It is needed in order to use and obtain knowledge of the world around us. Without epistemology, we could not think. More specifically, we would have no reason to believe our thinking was productive or correct, as opposed to random images flashing before our mind. With an incorrect epistemology, we would not be able to distinguish truth from error. The consequences are obvious. The degree to which our epistemology is correct is the degree to which we could understand reality, and the degree to which we could use that knowledge to promote our lives and goals. Flaws in epistemology will make it harder to accomplish anything.
What are the key elements of a proper Epistemology?

Our senses are valid, and the only way to gain information about the world. Reason is our method of gaining knowledge, and acquiring understanding. Logic is our method of maintaining consistency within our set of knowledge. Objectivity is our means of associating knowledge with reality to determine its validity. Concepts are abstracts of specific details of reality, or of other abstractions. A proper epistemology is a rational epistemology.

Standard Of Evaluation


Knowledge is Hierarchical
The Arbitrary

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via Philosophy.


A philosophy is a system of beliefs about reality. It is one’s integrated view of the world. It includes an understanding of the nature of existence, man, and his role in the world. Philosophy is the foundation of knowledge. It is the standard by which ideas are integrated and understood.

Philosophy is a necessary product of man’s rational mind. To live, man must gain knowledge of the world. To understand the world, man must form conclusions about its very nature. For instance, to gain knowledge of particular objects, man must recognize that objects have identity. He must recognize that conclusions are possible because the world does exist, and exists in a particular way.

Philosophy provides the framework for which man can understand the world. It provides the premises by which man can discover truth, and use his mind to support his life. Every man has an understanding of the world. Every man must have a philosophy, even if it is never made explicit.

My favorite part of Family Tree.

This part is true or false? If you guess correctly, I will give you a free copy of my new book. Out June 1st – “The Trees Outside”

I laugh, every time I read this part. ANGEL the main character is talking to her best friend Mary after the funeral at Mary’s house.

Excerpt From: Andrea N Carr. “Family Tree the Novel: Family Tree.” iBooks.

“She went to the wake last night but I didn’t go.

I talked to her while I was at home getting dressed this morning.

Rhonda said there was going to be another funeral if she didn’t see me today.

I completely forgot about her wanting to be there for me.”

I did appreciate the gesture and I knew she would understand whenever we

spoke again.

“I’ll have to settle it with her later. I can’t go over there now.”

“Stay as long as you need to,” Mary told me, then asked,

“Do you need a hug”?

I did.

After we finished hugging in the kitchen, I got some ice and orange juice.

“When did you have sex with two midgets?”

“I think they were dwarves.

There’s a place in Long Beach where a lot of them live.”

“Mary’s mouth was open. “How was it”?

“It was the weirdest sex I’ve ever had.”

After a few drinks, I started to talk to Mary about Lady.

“Mary have I ever told you about the time Lady and I gave a hotfoot?

We were drinking and smoking pot and we were mischievous

when we were drinking.”

“You’re mischievous anyway. What would make you think of that?”

Mary asked. “We were watching cartoons,” I said and starting laughing

aloud. It sounded so ridiculous, but it was true. “We put stick matches in

between his toes and tied his ankle with a necktie to the bedpost while he was


Mary and I laughed as I wiped tears from my eyes.

Mary had done it again, knowing what I needed. that was why

I was truly crying. “What was the necktie for?”

“So he couldn’t chase us, you have to think like you’re a little warped,

work with me Mary. It was hilarious when he fell after he woke up, trying to

hop on one foot. We had this warped sense of humor when we were together,

though Lady sometimes went too far.”

This time Lady had really gone too far, committing suicide.”

Excerpt From: Andrea N Carr. “Family Tree the Novel: Family Tree.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/oJKB5.l

andrea n carr, author via @Linkis_com

andrea n carr, author via @Linkis_com.

Short story, essay something… not important.
I wrote this for an experiment okay, off the top of my head – uninspired writing. See how you feel about it not a favorite of mine. However, The Parting, I love that story.
See if you can tell a difference, in the two of them.
Categorize it however, you like.
I only hope you enjoy reading it.
A N Carr
I lay awake confused. After,  I drifted into sleep; unplanned. Not sure, of the time now. Not even, if it’s morning or night. I went to sleep in the darkness, and it remains inside the room.  But, I have an innate feeling, the sun will rise soon though, I am smiling I hate when it happens.
Unknowingly, inside of a dreamy time passage. I went with him, he was holding my hand. He wasn’t speaking to me in English, sounded like his Castilian language.

I realize, I am feeling at peace waking into a silence, embracing the comfort in this room. For a second, I thought; I was in Spain. Looking around the room sleepily; noticing I’m not in the bedroom that was mine there. I have the peace, I thought would be left behind with my lover when I left… This morning or night whatever, it is. I know differently, in this moment; I discovered the happiness, there in Spain, that lives here in my heart.

Outside, when I looked, a few minutes ago the street light right in front is still on. No one is out there,  who looks like him; must be real early around the time he leaves. He would wake me and go to work. I felt happy then, just like this. It has to be early, I’m thinking with some certainty, because the traffic noises are starting in the background. I can feel the momentum of daytime while it loses the quiet inside, the rising sounds from preparing to start the day.

People are stirring now, across the floor and the smell of coffee is coming in through the open window above, my head. I usually, get out of bed when, the early morning sounds become noise, but not yet, I wait with anticipation… hoping my lover misses me and he is coming to open the door right now and find me waiting for him with my arms stretched, open wide reaching for him. The day becomes the night when we embrace and kiss passionately, for a long time.

I like looking at the softly flowing white drapes, moving with the cold morning air pushing in above my head with the light out of darkness. The smell of the sea and waves crashing on the rocks to calm me down. While I imagine my lover was here; his body separated mine from everything while, he made love to me.

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Prepare for Prison | Trust. Protect. Serve.

via Prepare for Prison | Trust. Protect. Serve..

How interesting, I had no idea an organization such as this exists. Good to know, this kind of support is provided because, it is a necessity in my opinion. I couldn’t be more proud, of an organization than I am of this one the statistics are staggering.

1 in 35

About 1 in 35 adults in the United States was under some form of correctional supervision at year-end 2013.

Wow! This is not specific to someone Black, White or other – including, females. Anyone, can be affected by an arrest. Not as uncommon as one would tend to believe.

I wish you the best with your efforts.

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