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Readers: Family Tree

I have no preference for a Reader however, this book is also thought of as philosophical reading.  An interest in Education more specifically the study of Social Anthropology, Heuristic or Social Psychology and Subjectivism under Epistemology – not required to read but, would have for certain an interest in reading this book. It’s not text-book reading, only a good subject for study. Reaches to the core of emotional stability when no one is around to help.


When a crisis acts as a catalyst of self exploration for the main character. Evaluating the meaning of her relationships with other family members after a sibling suicide. Also, touching on addiction and incarceration but most, how to reach acceptance when one may never get the answers sought to move on. Coming to a heuristic end to the story. Based on what she knows, or has decided to be true from her understanding of what is known.

Though, the novel is a family saga – It is the internal monolog of only one member; Angel the lead character as narrator. Expressing feelings, opinions and thoughts about her life. The same way, life is interpreted by our thinking. We have our understanding of perceived truth also, affected by emotions. This book is literary fiction, a narrative but different because as I said, it’s about only one character.

The Trees Outside

“The Trees Outside” is the title of my new book. A short read combining two of the left out chapters with the poetry from Family Tree.

I originally had poems throughout the debut title but, thought it was too much. So, I removed them. Since, talking about the decision with a few literature enthusiasts.

I have been asked to reveal them. “Hmmm.”
I added, “There are chapters I left out, also.”
(laughs) I decided, I will tell all.

Look for my new title, soon.