My favorite part of Family Tree.

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I laugh, every time I read this part. ANGEL the main character is talking to her best friend Mary after the funeral at Mary’s house.

Excerpt From: Andrea N Carr. “Family Tree the Novel: Family Tree.” iBooks.

“She went to the wake last night but I didn’t go.

I talked to her while I was at home getting dressed this morning.

Rhonda said there was going to be another funeral if she didn’t see me today.

I completely forgot about her wanting to be there for me.”

I did appreciate the gesture and I knew she would understand whenever we

spoke again.

“I’ll have to settle it with her later. I can’t go over there now.”

“Stay as long as you need to,” Mary told me, then asked,

“Do you need a hug”?

I did.

After we finished hugging in the kitchen, I got some ice and orange juice.

“When did you have sex with two midgets?”

“I think they were dwarves.

There’s a place in Long Beach where a lot of them live.”

“Mary’s mouth was open. “How was it”?

“It was the weirdest sex I’ve ever had.”

After a few drinks, I started to talk to Mary about Lady.

“Mary have I ever told you about the time Lady and I gave a hotfoot?

We were drinking and smoking pot and we were mischievous

when we were drinking.”

“You’re mischievous anyway. What would make you think of that?”

Mary asked. “We were watching cartoons,” I said and starting laughing

aloud. It sounded so ridiculous, but it was true. “We put stick matches in

between his toes and tied his ankle with a necktie to the bedpost while he was


Mary and I laughed as I wiped tears from my eyes.

Mary had done it again, knowing what I needed. that was why

I was truly crying. “What was the necktie for?”

“So he couldn’t chase us, you have to think like you’re a little warped,

work with me Mary. It was hilarious when he fell after he woke up, trying to

hop on one foot. We had this warped sense of humor when we were together,

though Lady sometimes went too far.”

This time Lady had really gone too far, committing suicide.”
Excerpt From: Andrea N Carr. “Family Tree the Novel: Family Tree.” iBooks.