“I Want to Shout” By, Andrea N Carr


Have you ever felt, you are being guided by something you are waiting for the world to get, so it defines you. Yet, certainty of what it is exactly, escapes even you. But, you just know you have to figure out how to do it and get it done or be tortured. Lol, that is what this poem is about. I thought, I would feel better after, writing it. I don’t actually, worse usually not the case afterwards. I think, because I only been reminded of what bothers me.

Gosh, is this how purpose feels? “I don’t know, I only know, it will be manifested through writing.” Deep, deep breath, ahhh only time I get relief is to say, that to myself about writing. “It’s the only thing I’m certain, I do know.” I am not impatient or doubt ability, the problem is I stumble upon everything to do with writing. “I don’t like doing things in this way that feel so important to me. I would like for purpose to have a clearer path.”

I do have one word sticking out in my mind through, writing this. The word that comes to mind as I finish this sentence is – Embrace

“I Want to Shout”   

By, Andrea N Carr

I am having a mindless collision.

I am wondering, if I make the right decisions.

Release the hold that keeps bothering my mind.

Leading to the answer that’s hard to find.

I am bleeding obscurity and selfless doubt.

Caused from an esoteric quest of purpose for what my life is about.

Unpredictable efforts that know Me seep out to 

remove the hand of uncertainty covering my mouth.

I want to shout!

What is taking so long to figure this thing out.

I want to shout.

Will anyone know what I’m talking about.

I want to shout.

Hear my frustrations as they come out though,

I have no certainty of what I’m shouting about.