Join us at ALA for Communities in Need:


Dear Colleagues,

Join us at ALA for Communities in Need: Innovations in Service and Design for Connecting Users with Social Services (AFL2)! 

Public libraries are increasingly responsive in developing new models of service to address 21st century community needs including service to persons experiencing mental illness, persons experiencing homelessness, patrons who are in need of medical care and families living in poverty. The California Library Association, in conjunction with the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA), is presenting a full day preconference to share the latest best practices from across North America including innovations from Richland Library and Pima County Library that feature the addition of a public health nurse to their on-site programming. Presentations will also include Edmonton Public Library, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Madison (WI) Public Library and San Francisco Public Library to highlight the evolving impacts of social worker programs in public libraries.

Thursday, June 25 | 9:00am-4:00pm

If you are a member of CLA or LLAMA use special code AFL2015 to receive the price of $219.

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I am in the desert.

The desert is a tranquil place. People use wells for water, generators or solar panels to get electricity, this is odd for me. Not hard to get used to doing, though. There is no traffic rush hour ever, people are friendly and relaxed. The dirt roads are an acquired taste, perhaps. I have been stuck 3 times in the sand.

It’s peaceful, the internet is hit and miss often, loses the connection or freezes up… phone lines go out, calls drop. Really expensive to get portable online service and my current provider doesn’t provide here. ; (

Well, there are no cable lines, no telephone poles, no street lights etc. But, I actually like it however, I must communicate. Rent is cheap here, no one lives here with places that have been vacant for years. There is a military base somewhere, near. A lot of barbershops, even a 24 hour one. A lot of tattoo and massage parlors that’s about it. The peaceful feeling present here, in the desert is quite lovely. I have started to leave a few times out of frustration over the mishaps that happened to me when, I first arrived.

I had to sleep in the U Haul truck in the dark desert alone. No street lights I was stuck in the sand, I couldn’t find the place where I was going. My cellular provider doesn’t provide service in this area, like I said previously. My calls wouldn’t go through half the time GPS kept recalculating. I didn’t find the place where, I was supposed to be moving to until the next afternoon. They were not still waiting for me. When I finally, saw it I hated it inside it looked nothing like the pictures.

I am looking for a different place. Plots of land are cheap here, only about 5k is needed to get 5 acres. Something like that but, don’t quote me exactly. Lol! I am not where I thought, I would be when I left. But, I am not unhappy here either. It’s hot and cold here like my feelings about being here.

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