I get excited, …tell you when.

The thought of the world having the chance in some way, to know me from something I have done – intending to do not fall out of a plane and survive. (smiling) Is very very, exciting for me to attempt to do something to benefit many. I love the thought of it on some level; It is a responsibility. I don’t know where I got it from. It bugs me, if I ignore it I tried before.

At first, I just wanted to say whatever when I write. A angry poem thing to let off steam. I got past that stage it helped me tremendously to release, my anger. Lol! However, I was feeling when ready to write you read some of it here. If not go back if you want. Prolly won’t need to go back very far.

The problem is I exercise my emotions thoroughly, when I write. So anger is about all that is left, I try to keep it away from my writing with compassion being my thing. Though, sometimes anger was just what I needed. So poems are my outlet for Anger. I love them for that, I still debate if it is helpful for anyone to read it.

I still think that it is good, great in fact to just write at will saying how I feel because, it allows you to get to know me as a person. But, then I thought, I may never get the chance again. Make it count.

With that said, I only need to write a few books. “Need” being the keyword here. I only “need” to write a few books, my calling will be over. I have a feeling they will be significant in helping people one day, my books I’m writing now. But, for now, I am happy with them having the potential to help many.

Makes me very happy to know.

However, I like the idea of relief from the pressure, the next time I write something, one day relaxed I would love that. Soon. I don’t feel I can write any other way for now. I don’t know what that is other than still trying to prove my worth as a writer, when you say one day “She was right.” I smile, then we’re good together.

I feel this duty in the interim, to be understood clearly by, everyone. Why, not sure that’s even possible anymore on earth.  (laughs)  I believed it was possible at one time. I am finding, I thought a lot about writing being my purpose. What if no one, agreed. (( laughing )) That’s hilarious, if no one agreed with me then what would I do.

I would have to have my “Gut Instinct” checked twice. There isn’t one doubt in my mind I could be incorrect. I just don’t think so. This is the only way, I know to do what I need to do.

I am going to sleep, happy.

Nite, all.


We are all born with cancer cells

They spread and take over but, not in everyone.

It must be the environment where they exist

affecting their growth.

I am benign.

I want to spread like a ravenous cancer

with the words of wisdom I implore.

Some say this, some say that

Do this, do that

I am benign

My cancerous emotions one in the same to us all.

I thought, we would feel them together.

They are familiar to everyone, for various reasons

Yet they, affect us very differently.

How can a cancerous lot of emotions be benign now.