Thierry Frémaux On Cannes: “If There Is One Place Where Female Filmmakers Are Welcome & Celebrated, It’s Here”


Cannes Film Festival chief Thierry Frémaux sat down today for a Q&A as part of the inaugural Women in Motion program that is looking at the role of women in film. He also addressed this week’s red-carpet sandal scandal that’s seen the festival lobbed with accusations of sexism. At Competition screenings of Carol and Mon Roi, some female ticket holders were turned away based on their flat footwear. Frémaux today apologized for and denounced the actions of the security guard responsible. “It was bullsh*t,” he said. He also wanted to clear up the fest’s policy on attire: “There is a rumor that the festival obliges women to wear heels. It’s a rumor, it is not true.”

Cannes has been accused of being sexist in the past, based on the disparate numbers of female filmmakers in the Official Selection. This year, it has taken steps to address the matter with…

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I may not be Everyone’s Cup of Tea, but I am Someone’s Double Vodka, Poetry by Gun Roswell

WILDsound Festival

“If you don’t like me, fine. It’s not my job to make you happy”

Genre: Friendship, Relationship

I may not be Everyone’s Cup of Tea, but I am Someone’s Double Vodka

You dont have to like me
Or be my friend
I am not looking for a life partner
Just someone to understand

If you expect to mend
And change my existence
I’d rather you just pretend
Then try to fix it

Is buying
What I am

I may not be
Your cup of tea
But surely some one
Prefers me
As their double vodka

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Run Like Hell

Poesy plus Polemics

"Approaching Storm" Painting by Thomas Hart Benton From “Approaching Storm”
Painting by Thomas Hart Benton

hurry the day

move along

keep ahead

of the storm

cheat the thunder

outrun the

electrified air

save your shadow

from murder by

darkcast of clouds

should you falter

and fall beneath

torrents of rain

all is lost

washed forever

from memory

swept from the

cycling of history

leaving at most

a sweet petrichor

aftermath scent

an ephemeral wisp

fleeting wraith

ecological figment

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Life is a Musical (number), Poetry by Gun Roswell

WILDsound Festival

“The world’s most famous and popular language is music” Psy

Genre: Rhyme, Musical, Singing

Life is a Musical (number)

Luck be a lady
Don’t be shady
Roll on those dice
Bring me nothing
But blue skies

All day long
Singing along
Dancing, prancing
Even romancing
In the rain
Real life
Down the drain

Feels like
No worries
Of groceries
When I’m riding
On this plane

All is fine
There is no time
To slow down
Get me to
Funky town

My life is
A musical

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Tweet, Tweet – A Good Book Tweeting Site to Consider

Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Publicity Tip #86~

bluebird by Lisa Yarost - flickr bluebird by Lisa Yarost – flickr

Just a quickie this morning 😉 I know we all like those – lol!

Twitter is a useful tool that I’m still learning how to use but when someone has 68K followers and is offering to publicize my book for free – I’ll drop them a line and leave my details.

Not always, but Jay D. with the AHA Program (Author Helps Author) follows through on his promise to tell his followers about you.

Now, Jay says he has 250,000 “readers” on twitter even though his formal stats show 68K for actual “followers” but honestly… either way someone will see his tweet about my book. He offers this service based on your timeline for free day advertising, debut book launch, new title, up-coming discount days, etc. If you can make it ‘newsworthy’ he’ll tweet it.

All you have to…

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