I am online

Woot woot! All my efforts, are for me to have a peaceful place to write and live though it is anything but, peaceful now. Actually, a little chaotic.

I am back online without concern, again for the connection. About time, yes!

Building a place is more of a challenge than, I care to have now. I didn’t see another option when, I made the decision to build a house instead of continuing to look for a place to live. Rather, the decision made itself, I only acted as a vessel. Nonetheless, I think I’m happy, it just depends on what day you might be asking, how it’s going.

If it’s a good day, it’s a good day. However, when it’s not and full of challenges to overcome, it isn’t bad either. Simply, annoying I mean the whole nature of the project isn’t smooth.  I have language barriers to deal with, on top of artistry among, the builders and myself.

When I get ideas, they are so smooth in my head – sailing effortlessly. I don’t know why I haven’t learned yet. It probably, won’t be the case when I am in charge of a project with no idea where to begin. I have the habit of stumbling upon what I need. Combined with the cooperation from others to get it and make it happen. I don’t think men like women using physics to say do it this way. “I don’t care if it is uneven, do it.” Using a level is about, ready to make my blood boil. I want broken plates in the floor mixed with sand and concrete. “Rocks are better.” He told me. I don’t get why, “Get over it!”

Life is weird. the only way to get control of it is to relinquish control, ride it out. I have to remind myself of things I first read from, Eckhart Tolle. When I thought he was a little crazy but, now I get and can apply what he says. How we view the things happening in our lives makes all the difference in the world.

I used to feel his teachings applied to a perfect outcome in our minds. Not true, it doesn’t have to be a feeling that is good or perfect. Only a feeling of content for how it is presently without the angst over the circumstances. But, that is another story I will save for another day.

I missed writing here, talking to no one and everyone.

I’m good, getting from A to B… so on.