Review of The Trees Outside


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The Trees Outside is both a standalone and companion-piece to Angel’s story.  It is a compilation of poetry, freeform, and prose that center around very powerful themes.  It is Andrea Carr’s poetry that absolutely astounds me.  One of my favorite lines, one that hit me right in the heart and left me quiet and still was from “I Can’t Remember.”

I don’t think I could be as brave or as desperate
To execute such a plan.
My only plan for that old tree
Was making a swing with a tire on a rope.
(Andrea N. Carr, excerpt from “I Can’t Remember”

If I have continued to take anything from Carr’s work it is the fact that although we may feel entirely alone in our lives, but the choices we make, the ways we seek to escape how painful reality can be – we have a profound effect on those who love us.  In Carr’s poetry, prose, narratives, there are ghosts along the edges, between the blank spaces.

Her work is so evocative, her style of writing so sincerely raw and emotional at times, that it inspires me as a poet and moves me as a human being.  Each poem she writes is haunting in such a beautiful way.

A lot of Carr’s poetry reminds me, emotionally and sometimes stylistically, of my favorite poet, Ai.  Carr just … astounds.

The Trees Outside includes mostly poetry but there are narrative pieces and essays as well.  It is a shorter read, but only if you’re reading to finish.  If you read to savor, this is a book that will linger on your bedside table in the best way.  (Much the same way as I keep my copy of Dread by Ai next to my bed.)

Again, astounding.  Startling and soulful and all of the things that make a memorable and remarkable writer (and poet).

I haven’t linked to an Amazon page in some time, but if you do love poetry then I sincerely insist you make your way there. The Kindle Edition of The Trees Outside is only 2.99 and worth far more, in my opinion.  It works well as a standalone piece even if you have not readFamily Tree but it is all the more powerful as a companion to Carr’s novel.  Also, as a side note, Andrea Carr is on Tumblr and sometimes posts her work there as well.  She writes some beautiful stuff.  You can find her at familytreeandreacarr on Tumblr.

  • 11/06/2015