i could throw up.

Lol throwing up  in someone’s mouth, just so they stop talking a bunch of crap. I hate when someone tries to manipulate me. Especially, when it is obvious.

There is just no reason for it. I don’t know what gets into people. If you know anything about me at all. I am not one to be coerced into anything, I love or hate everything though, I have learned not to be so rigid

I am open to convincing, of a good idea if I am unaware of facts about a plan. But, lying to get me involved is a sin. Just because, I am wanted to be part of it. I could care less.

I make a decision based on what I know about things and have been told. I believe everything I am told until, I have reason not to. Manipulation is a reason not to get involved.

How does one not know this. Having the nerve to tell me, “You would not have agreed then.” What is this kind of thinking?