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Hi, hope everyone is doing well, wanted to make sure you all knew about these resources and places to reach out on behalf of your writing. Please feel free to contact any of them, or we can do so on your behalf if you prefer.

Most of these accept most genres, and sci fi and horror authors, please feel free to reply and ask for separate lists for your genres as we’ve got whole lists of venues we’ve found for that.

Pitch – a collection of podcasts featuring nonfiction authors on a variety of academic and cultural and other topics. Memoirs could be considered cultural history?

You Wrote the Book – a UK based podcast site interviewing fiction and nonfiction authors from around the world, a new person every two weeks. They ask highly professional and intelligent questions about your book and your writing experience.

SSLY blog – interviews romance and women’s fiction authors. Not sure if you have to be a woman, just write women’s fiction.

Keystrokes and Closed Doors – blog interviewing self published authors.

Real Pants – a literary magazine based out of Atlanta, GA that invites authors to collaborate with them in all sorts of creative ways. You can devise favorite menus for your characters to order, talk about the physical production of your book, let them interview your cover designer, etc.

Open Books Radio – a podcast from a critic and reviewer who discusses all sorts of books, fiction and nonfiction. She welcomes poetry and memoir.

Indie Book Review – host is a YA paranormal author who reviews other YA fiction and nonfiction titles. If she’s not going to be able to review your book (time issues or it’s outside of her genre preferences) she will offer to ask you a set of standard interview questions and publish an interview with you.

All the Rest of Us – radio show on KPFB in Berkeley, CA on Sunday afternoons featuring UC Berkeley graduate and artist friend of mine Aqueila Lewis. If any artists (performing, visual etc..) would like to be interviewed and/or have music/poems that you want to be featured, please send us an email to – sounds like a spam/sales site but actually very elegant and professional. I have read interviews on this site just because the books interested me, and writers don’t have to talk about business, they can do quite thoughtful pieces on their books. I’ve set up a few clients with interviews here and it would be a good fit for several others.

Authors: Words to Mouth – another blog site doing in depth interviews with writers across genres. This also looks like a marketing gimmick site but writers are continually getting comments from new readers. The site also hosts a giveaway where people can win copies of your books, which is a great PR technique.

Cosy Up Book Reviews – this blog hosts a weekly series where authors can write in and do a guest post on what inspired them to write. It’s a way to introduce yourself even if she doesn’t accept you for review. She only reviews traditionally published books, not sure if that policy extends to her interviews, so wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Authors to Watch – another site that interviews authors of all genres with stock questions. Looks salesy on the surface but asks decent questions. Authors can make this professional and serious if they wish.

Reading Circle – site where you can look up and contact all the book clubs near your area, by city or zip code:

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