The best choices for my writing

I can say hands down the best choices for exposure to my writing have been. Twitter, WordPress, Netgalley and Issuu. I recently found Bookbuzz promotions which can come with a Netgalley listing should you decide to pay for it.

In my opinion anyone would be acting foolish not to do it. The benefits far outweigh the price. But on Bookbuzz the cost is a third of the regular price -$125.00 opposed to the usual 399.00 when going through Netgalley themselves.

In case you are an Author and don’t know about Netgalley or Bookbuzz shame on you. Im gonna save you the homework now. Thank me later, trust you want to do this. I don’t care what genre writer you are professional readers need to read your work.

I could sell it, I believe in it so strongly. In fact everyone, I mentioned previously, I can work for them, almost. Ah okay, I could all. The delima is some departments need work. Most companies now days, customer service sucks; they are no different. Except Netgalley, they are good they should be it costs a lot to be there.

Twitter is too good I never need customer service. I adore twitter, they know what time it is now. They are linked to everything and everybody. They are fierce for that. They knew ahead of time to link up be connected. Unlike fb who caught on afterwards. While pimping you for every fb “like.”

I never really cared for them much it feels like a cult. Lol.Sorry, fb and you posted my birthday when I said you couldn’t. My picture was stoken then used on some hookup site. The bad thing is trying to contact them about it.Good luck.

Oh and you penalized me for sending invites to my book launch party I paid to promote on your website. I’m over you because when you send an accusing email I should be able to respond. Not a do not respond to this email bull. Do some more research first, leave me alone.

Anyway. They all have a specific purpose. Each one is great at allowing your purpose to be served. If you use it correctly.

On your wordpress website make sure you list all your other websites on your gravatar page because when you post on here it goes to them, also. A few it doesn’t but i probably didn’t give the permission.
I was too hooked up. Stuff was posting everywhere 2 or three times. Because I found lynkis they rule too. They are what the name implies.

Part of who twitter or wordpress both in reality, I really have come to love you twitter the most. Lol, I am serious. Because of twitter I have connected or they have connected me with my most influential followers. The Dahlai Llama, Dick Gregory Robert Guillome and a lot of like minded people. I was like how did you find me.

Now Google here we go, I don’t get it. I really don’t know how to use it effectively. Im just not that into it. Google is more sterile for my engagement though, I have come to like and dislike Google. They just do too much to stay focused. I get lost in translation.

Its hard to get help unless you are paying to advertise. I dont like these self help pages with codes to use that dont work. I know they are big and busy, but i dont care. And they take liberties trying to think for me. Do too much.

I don’t like it. Back to my book release party. The response was enormous I was 150 people over capacity of the venue.

Responses were still pouring in more rsvp’s confirming. I decided to take down the invite early, enough people. Google sent out a cancellation with no pre aporoval or warning If you remove this invite your party will be cancelled. Are you sure you want to remove this post yes, i was sure.

Ruined my party. I know how to cancel my own party. I simply removed the post, I thought, I thought.

I had food catered that went to waste, it was a nightmare. My red carpet was empty. I went home and thought about how did this happen. Cakes, open bar, decoraters etc. i paid and left early from my own party.
6k down the drain.

I had made my Google page private when i first got it. When i went public my page did not. I never changed the setting until a few months ago. No idea, never thought of it again from years before.

Sharing publicly does not make your page public. Check your settings. I like Google I’m just afraid to do much there. I like drive and docs and the apps choices. Google Earth was a monument just, amazing.

Google didn’t like to play with others same as fb. Those horrible looking blog templates are you kidding. Its Google Earth to blogspot what a difference there. Well, I hope this helped in some way for you. It did me.