Life is good

I sat thinking, I decided life is good. I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. My brother said, “You have lived rather a rich person’s life.” I don’t have any money. “What are you talking about. ”

I thought about what, he had said. I believe he meant my attitude because, I do whatever I want. He described me as the “Adventurous one.” Lol.

A little crazy, but true. I am only tryjng to experience my desires. I don’t want to wonder “What if” about anything. I know answers to, what I have wondered about. I’m happy about this.

I have been guarded, I got tired of feeling held back. So I stopped listening to my parents and started listening to my heart. I  feel good about being this way. My Mom was overwhelming with protection.

I tossed  fear a long time ago. I decided to worry about what can kill me, that’s it. Though, I have difficulty with this at times. I have to remind myself to be free sometimes. I get upset about having to do it but, I get it done.

Things always, fall into place whenever my fears are confronted. I feel like a leaf blowing in the wind. I’m cool where I land but, I have to keep going. I’m good with life. Life is good with me. ♡

Whatever, if anything else,  will be waiting when I get to it. My brother says whenever,  I’m venting about having to be strong. “Let’s make it a good day. “