Life is kinda weird, sometimes.

I have to wonder what, does this mean. My ex boyfriend got word to me It’s okay, if I come in the interim to him. While, I build or find a place to live.
Hmmm, I am trying to figure out if this is a test or a lesson I need to learn. We both have ADD, lol. We both read a lot, which is weird for ADD people. We each taught ourselves how to do it.
That is good. We talk about what we read for hours. He makes me sick most of the other time.  Vice versa ain’t no secret.
Though, I could use his help right, now. Our relationship is different because we are just friends. Until, I’m alone in a room with him. But, I see a pattern here. I just relized, here we go again.
We often don’t speak for over a year at a time then for some strange reason, that seems to make perfect sense it happens and there we go.
What does, Love have to do with it. I want to know.