Comfort of Love by Andrea N Carr

Comfort of Love

I lay awake confused. After,  I drifted into sleep; unplanned. Not sure, of the time now. Not even, if it’s morning or night. I went to sleep in the darkness, and it remains inside the room.  But, I have an innate feeling, the sun will rise soon though, I am smiling I hate when it happens.
Unknowingly, inside of a dreamy time passage. I went with him, he was holding my hand. He wasn’t speaking to me in English, sounded like his Castilian language.

I realize, I am feeling at peace wakened into a silence, embracing the comfort in this room. For a second, I thought; I was in Spain. Looking around the room sleepily; noticing I’m not in the bedroom that was mine there.

I have the peace, I thought would be left behind with my lover when I left… This morning or night whatever, it is. I know differently, in this moment; I discovered the happiness, there in Spain, that lives here in my heart.

Outside, when I looked, a few minutes ago the street light right in front is still on. No one is out there,  who looks like him; must be real early around the time he leaves. He would wake me and go to work. I felt happy then, just like this. It has to be early, I’m thinking with some certainty, because the traffic noises are starting in the background.

I can feel the momentum of daytime while it loses the quiet inside, the rising sounds from preparing to start the day.

People are stirring now, across the floor and the smell of coffee is coming in through the open window above, my head. I usually, get out of bed when, the early morning sounds become noise, but not yet,

I wait with anticipation… hoping my lover misses me and he is coming to open the door right now and find me waiting for him with my arms stretched, open wide reaching for him. The day becomes the night when we embrace and kiss passionately, for a long time.

I like looking at the softly flowing white drapes, moving with the cold morning air pushing in above my head with the light out of darkness. The smell of the sea and waves crashing on the rocks to calm me down. While I imagine my lover was here; his body separated mine from everything while, he made love to me. I lie here now and think of him with a peaceful memory in my head, in the comfort of his love.