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Heart disease, is
the number one killer of women.
Thank you lifescript for this article.
Clearly, it got home for me.

Please pay attention, the information here could save the life of someone you love including, yourself. This info helped me to know, when to go see someone for professional help even though, I did through ER.

I didn’t associate the everyday symptoms from a bad heart, with the discomfort I experienced. I had gotten used to feeling bad. Thought I was tired, doing too much.

Then, I educated myself after my hospital visit when, finding out I have heart disease.

I exercised regularly, ate good organic whole foods with a personal chef and trainer. Did the juice cleanses. Last thing, I was thinking about, I fell over when he told me

This time, I recognized the symptoms so, I guess this info. saved me by preventing a heart attack after the fact.

Take two apirin, get to an ER pronto if you think you may be having one, aspirin saves one in three lives.

That’s my personal advice, a doctor friend of mine had told me once, to do this because, I had been saying I am going to have a heart attack. That was because, I am psychic. I wasn’t sure if it was a vision for me or not. And as it turned out, I did.

Though, I had heart disease, before now I didn’t know or recognize that is what it was. I associate heart problems with pain.

I thought they were going to say, “Miss Carr, you have cancer.” I smoked most of my life. I don’t have the big C but, heart disease is worse in my opinion.

Because of the high occurrence of misdiagnosed women who find out too late, from not recognising the sypmptoms. I mean the doctors treating them, not the women.

Seems if it is to the point, I am writing about this surely, there must be awareness. Therefore, they really have no excuses for it other than carelessness.

I know there are two sides. Whatever, educate yourself. I was yelling to my doctor…
“Do you know what you are doing? Did you graduate?” “Its not my heart stop wasting my money on these tests” Lol, poor baby, he was spot on. I am terrible when sick.

Would you know the symptoms of a heart attack – chest and arm pain or numbness right?
Believe it or not – WRONG, the symptoms are very different with women. Nausea, fatigue and chest burning similar to heart burn also, shortness of breath when, climbing stairs or a hill. You do not have to be overweight to be affected.

Follow the link and watch the very informative video interview with, a cardiologist and  a 33 year old active mother of three, athlete that is her patient.

Can you do me a favor, invite anyone to watch you feel will benefit from the info. in this video.