The new guy…

He seemed so alive and determined to have me, at first. I resisted him because he came on too strong. I thought, there has to be something wrong with him.

I didn’t know, I wasn’t ready to find out what it was. I wasn’t attracted to his desperate behavior, running into me whenever he possibly could. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence.

“You seem a little crazy,” I said. He smiled at me as if he knew something, I didn’t. “You could potentially be a serial killer, with your stalking behavior.”

“I am not stalking you.” He smiled when, he said it. The way he did  before, knowing something I didn’t about himself. “It feels that way to me,” I  thought. But not saying, anything out loud to provoke him.

He is definitely crazy, I just knew it while, I made up my mind about it waving goodbye to him. I watched him walking away from me, wondering how this would play out.

He got smaller then, disappeared into his apt down and across the hall, while I continued to watch him walk away.