The new guy 2

I woke up the next morning in my apt. wondering why my window was wide open. Trying to remember if, I left it that way or had it been opened by an intruder while I slept.

My first thought after contemplating was the new guy from the apt down the hallway.  He gives me the creeps. Even though, I laughed and said jokingly he could be a serial killer. I meant it on some level because of his movements.

Sam is elusive and present at the same time. I never saw him coming and only noticed him when he wanted me to see him. Always, with the feeling he had been there already. Stepping in sight while, watching me from wherever he hid.

He is in control of being in my presence and I don’t like it. It should be my choice to decide when, to entertain.

What could he possibly want from a middle-aged woman. He looked no more than 25, years old. I didn’t sense he was attracted to me physically but if not, what then.

Sammuel, I  knew was his real name – “I like your name.” I told him. After, I had read it on his mail, giving it to him. Still wondering, how it was mixed up in my box.
302 and 307 don’t look at all similar to me and our names are completely different.

He was pleasant enough, then. I didn’t think much more about him.