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Drama – Feature
First script
122 pages
“Family Tree”

“Family Tree” by novelist Andrea N. Carr with a family saga where an incarcerated woman gains a four-day release to attend the funeral after, her sister’s suicide while babysitting her 13 year old son.

Story uncovers dark secrets with suspense and pacing that is in comparison to Raymond Carver. I conducted an interview with the author on the power of storytelling to create empathy and change. Cristina Deptula, Literary Publicist

Why should people read/watch this story?
To help understand the human condition, the story is presented from one perspective. Angel is the main character narrating her thoughts, opinions and feelings. As in life, we see only, what we see our truth is our own interpretation – with emotions affecting how we feel in the end about the actions or words of others. Regardless of their intent.

I think, it isn’t realized the impact we can truly have on others. I love this story, for helping to bring about this realization. Family is the most meaningful relationship in life influencing who we become, whether wanted or not, we can choose to be the opposite or the same.