I don’t know what kind of Christmas it was.

My friend told me a story and asked what I thought.  I don’t know.

He went home to visit his family for the holidays. On Christmas,last year, to discover a secret anout his father who, stayed back at home while everyone else went visiting other family members. Including my friend, out the door after spending the day together.

To make a long weird story short I don’t know all the details. I am grateful for that. When they returned home, my friends father was passed out drunk dressed in women’s clothing and wearing red lipstick.

There were two glasses on the table  with another lipstick color staining the second glass.  However, the other person was gone.  I don’t know what is worse, the thought of my father having sex with someone else in my mother’s home. Or him being dressed like a woman and doing it. Hard to choose.

Also, my friend’s mother was about to come in and discover what he just did. After realizing they forgot the keys to the door. I didn’t know what to say to him. “You did nothing wrong, who is ready for that.” 

The holidays approach and he told me that story about what happened last year. I had no advice, for him.
The thought of it kind of amuses me and makes me sick at the moment.