The new guy 3

This is a writing exercise, by the way. To complete a short or long story writing off the top of my head. Let’s see where my head takes us.

I believe Sam, he asked me to call by this name the first time I spoke to him. The day I gave him his mail. He knows something, I don’t know about. A secret he has that is his fantasy having to do with or about me.

I am not sure, I want to know what it is he has trapped inside of him. If it gets out to anyone, how will I be affected by it. I know one thing for certain. I spend too much time thinking about him. I can’t seem to stop feeling connected to him somehow. I can’t imagine why.

I am going to the woods, for some peace and quiet this weekend. Leaving Sam behind with my thoughts about him. He is a stranger a new neighbor, I want to leave it at that.

Maybe my imagination was getting the best of me. Maybe not.