The new guy 4

The new guy 4

I was not feeling like myself anymore, something about the room was surreal. I did not understand why it was happening nor did I like the uncertainty of feeling I was inside of someone else’s dream. What was weird about it was it is not I dreaming, it is someone else controlling what happens. I can only react to events in the environment, never knowing what will happen next.

How odd to feel this way I thought, and I do not believe it will change as long as he still lives there. In my building or in my town, even. He cannot be there anymore; I want him to go away forever. There is something inside that makes me, hate him with all my heart. I wished he were dead.

I made it to the woods and I still had Sam on my mind. He was haunting me. Clearly, I have control issues but over what. My thoughts are my own. Why do I feel they are not anymore?