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Think again

I write books for provoking insight when one may never get the answers sought, after a suicide or being misunderstood etc.
Only thing to change us is ourselves.
The human condition is the same struggle I am guessing. Emotionally we are all the same. Yet emotions are confusing and feared by us. Not certain why, they make us human not weak. Our emotions are to be expressed not suppresed. They don’t kill you, if not honest with them watch how complicated life can get.
So I write stories in hope that my feelings are recognized and familiar. I was confused as anyone else. I would write to figure life out. My life is literally an open book. My process of liberation, throwing out what I was taught, to be for who I am now. (I didn’t know I could do that and make mistakes.) We search for truth then, our own. Mine depends on the day, I ask. What can be affecting my truth. Interpretations – feeling experience.
Bad or good feeling change.
Truth is what we believe. Accept guidance but, be true.