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The Apocryphal books

The idea of missing books from the Bible story truly, intrigued all my interest from young. Well really, not presented together is a better way of saying what I mean.
The Apocryphal books if read by everyone would change organized religion as we see it today. The book of Enoch alone with it’s stories about Giants from Angel deities that mated with humans which, killed human women during the birthing process. Coerced into being a participant by self imposed Angel God’s while secluded to avoid civil war.
Offspring of these God’s started eating humans etc. I don’t think, I would have been so quick to want join up with Jesus’s apostles then. For protection, maybe.
Angel’s were not friends they raped us, our offspring ate us. God made the Giants kill themselves by fighting. Okay it can’t just be me. This just sounds crazy. 
This “knowledge” thing, these Angels gave humankind forbidden knowledge. So … what is it we know? How does it keep getting leaked partially.
I am all ears.