Is happiness temporary?

The fact that I believe there is no such thing as happiness is debatable to most. Life is a series of challenges, with that said where does happiness fit.

Even with the best coping skills, it isn’t my idea of what happiness should be. My happiness is bliss, perfection at its best. Everything is good forever for everyone but, the thing about my particular happiness is its unrealistic and
why I believe it does not exist or does it.
This explanation of happiness is my own. Perhaps, not your understanding of what it is. But, what matters most is I believe it.

Let’s get real. Happiness comes from within. I believe that also. This is the compromise to my blissful version that does not exist.

In bliss we don’t work or want for anything, everyday is Christmas our birthday etc. We live our lives feeling everyday is a celebration. Giving gifts for no reason other than to be intentional in someone’s life.

I say we because, if I can’t share my bliss it isn’t true to my idea of happiness. I need others to feel this way also. I want gifts and intention from others to bless me with things that are acts of kindness.

A kiss on the cheek. Raking the leaves in the yard. Making breakfast bringing it to me in bed. And cleaning the kitchen afterwards. Lol.

My friend used to do this and tell me “I made the breakfast.” “You got to eat also” I responded. I stopped him from making me breakfast.

Back to internal happiness. I call on it through meditation because what acts as happiness to others is not mine with the best of intentions behind it.

I am not thrilled about cleaning up the mess in my kitchen left behind. Give and take like the happiness existing to most people.

What can you live with? I suppose.