The perfect gift

I was sleeping, it was my birthday and at this age I try to get through them and move on. Anyway, my roommate knocked on my door and said I have a present for you. I said, “Don’t start this tradition, disappointment will follow.” “Let me explain, people who make a big deal out of birthdays usually want a big deal made on their birthday.” I can’t remember everyone’s birthday and don’t try.

Besides, I like to think everyday is our birthday yours and mine. Let’s be intentional everyday in someone’s life. Well. she couldn’t have been more intentional in my life. She led me out of the house down the back stairs and said “Open the door.”

I knew the space was being worked on but, I had no idea it would be mine alone. Even thought of renting it out to someone. “What do you think.” I was at a loss for words. “If you like it it’s all for you, I don’t need to share it.” My own little writer’s studio, actually not so little a one bedroom apt. Not to share, all mine to have and to hold til death do us part.

We were trying to decide what to do with it. I couldn’t be selfish and suggest it be only for me. It is so lovely here upstairs or down. I feel truly blessed, not just because things started going my way it’s because things went so perfectly my way. I am so grateful to her for thinking of me. “Your share of the expenses just went up.” We laughed, hugged and I cried like a baby.