The Sequel

The reason I decided to write this is because I had lived my life up until this point unsure of what my purpose is. I am thankful, I know now and  the Thanksgiving holiday started me thinking about it so, I wrote a foreword.

As I have gotten older I have spent more and more time working on myself. I had already known from my experience happiness has to come from within. I had temporary or failed attempts to feel better about myself constantly. I began to wonder what is success and is happiness possible? Is it in time? What do I want. What was I put here on this earth to do? I did not know.

After a long time believing I should be happy because others said, I should. “You have everything anyone wants.” but, it didn’t feel that way. I began doing some soul searching. I have come to the conclusion happiness does not exist. It is much easier to remove unhappiness from our life than to keep searching for happiness. Which is a setup for disappointment.

I want to write a book for those who feel like I did, lost and confused. Those who feel like the world wasn’t made for them. For those who feel that monetary success and wealth do not make us happy. I needed to feel more than, I can pick up the tab.

Because the thing is once I had proven to myself  I can make money, it gets easier to do and loses some value. There is a formula for it in all of us, waiting for you to find it. I was forced into the discovery of mine out of necessity. Nevertheless, the fondest memories have nothing to do with money. The feelings I shared with others happy or sad remain. The stress of making it meant nothing to anyone but me. They unknowingly, encouraged my heart attack while wondering what my problem was.

This book is for those who feel confused, lost, unsure, misinformed,  disorganized and misunderstood standing in front of the people around them. My friends and family valued what I made, more than I did.

I was very generous with them because, it didn’t make me happy. Maybe someone, any one else can feel better from what I was doing. I certainly did not. What it did do was made me feel guilty when, I quit working to find my purpose in life. I felt I was abandoning all the one’s who had come to depend on me.

I can tell you how to find your purpose now. Decide how you can or want to help others. That’s it. To make a difference in the lives of others simple right, not for me. Not just giving things away, they only expect more because it is temporary.

I wanted to help others help themselves, so it is permanent. I was making it worse for myself in fact, by giving things away. All the unhappiness in my life at the time, I created. So I left to figure it out.