The Bad Squirrels excerpt!

I just finished my final draft of “The Bad Squirrels” not my editor’s edit but, anyway here is a facebook exclusive, excerpt…

Lol, not anymore, I don’t care. I love this book so much, I want you to read it so anyway…

This book talks about dreams from the idea of being an Oak tree and understanding why we dream. Also, when squirrels look the same how to tell the difference between bad and good people metaphorically using squirrels.

“I want to understand them because, they have meaning.

What’s going on in my mind while I’m dreaming? Maybe it’s our

imagination playing pretend, the way we pretend when we play with

our friends. How I feel when I go to bed, affects what dreams I have

in my head.”

“When I dreamed I was an oak tree looking down, I saw some

squirrels running and playing around, gathering the acorns I dropped

on the ground.”