Twisted tongue

My children’s book The Bad Squirrels, is a tongue twister. My poor editor has her hands full with me. I am crazy about some things. I am happy as long as it reads well keeping the flow and rhythmic pace.

By the time each edit is finished I have to twist more words around in a circle. Til I am insane, folding squirrels into knots lol. Then kicking them out all over the pages.

I like it though, it’s challenges my sanity time to time. Not sure why I have this rhyming thing going on. I started out not rhyming then it doesn’t feel as right.

So I base the story on the non rhyming one. Then insert some fun and cleverness into the story along with a lesson and there you go. I’m about crazy by then but, it’s great.
I am ready to do it again, that is what is crazy.

I learned more from this story than anything, I have ever written. I am not sure why but, the structure of a story became very important to me. I listened more to my editor this tine than any other time or editor before.

I like to go with my instincts about what I write. Even if it’s wrong. Because I like to trust myself with my writing. Figuring out where to draw the line is a common denominator dealing with me.

I remember when I didn’t want paragraphs because I liked the way it flowed better. I didn’t want the reader to be able to jump around in the story. Treating the book like a album or mixed taped with no song titles. One long mix so it’s read the way I intended.

I think that theory is why I like these children’s books so much because I can present it as I intended without breaks.
I think

I have the longest sentence in the world in this book.
But, it’s great the best one in the book.

I will comment later, with part of it. See what you think, I am brain dead now. The time was exactly 11:11 when I finished this post. What is that? 🐾🔰

One thought on “Twisted tongue

  1. Andrea N Carr December 17, 2015 / 8:43 PM

    “With the quivers from the shakes, of my itching tree branches caused by the
    scratches from the bad squirrel bandits hanging on to the leaves; trying not to fall
    down when the oak tree was shaking them off the to the ground.”

    The Bad Squirrels – long sentence excerpt


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