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I was sitting next to a fountain in a mall with my sister. Tired of shopping, her taste is dreadful. She thinks I spend too much while I believe she could raise the bar. Never be cheap with clothes and food. What goes on and in your body spare no expense.

We were raised in the same house, how did she miss getting that. Mom said it all the time whenever, I shopped with her. She made it a point to shop and tell me about thread counts and the difference between good linen and a cheaper one.
I didn’t want her to go, because of it.

“You have expensive taste.” She used to say.  I did but, mom made sure I knew why. I think it is odd my eldest sister,  doesn’t have a clue. Only seeing price tags and bargains, I can hardly take it.

“We didn’t have any money when I was born.” My sister said. Our mom was only 16., when she was born. I guess she was right. Never really thought about our experience being a different one. We all said she was strict.

They have sales in Neiman Marcus you know. As she dragged me by the hand into May Company’s basement. There is a reason this stuff is in the basement, I thought. I went with her anyway begrudgingly. “Let me pick you an outfit.”

I got started looking around for something that I liked and found myself out of the basement. By the time I returned she was checking out. I laid my finds on a table and gave compliments to her selections. My picks were no better than her choices anyway.

We decided to eat lunch by the fountain. I got lost in the sound of it. While my sister babble about the menu prices. “I will treat.” And I did.

We stopped at our mom’s house on the way back to my sister’s first. I asked her why didn’t you teach her how to shop. You tortured me every time we went. Mom said, “I didn’t know any better then.”