Jesus is salvation?

I saw this building earlier when, I was passing by. I felt compelled to take a picture of it.  I dropped my phone and got a picture of myself also.

My first thought when I saw this building was, that’s easy to find. Then, I thought perhaps that is why the writing is so big for location purposes. Hard to miss even if not trying to find it.

Or is it simply the message being shared boldly. Actually both, regardless of intent. I wondered if I would ever use it in the future as a landmark  Being new to this area. The thought of that went as fast as it came, fleeting out of my head with doubt because there isn’t anything else around.

It also made me think of someone who committed suicide two weeks ago, for some reason. I found out today, he is dead. I really wish people would stop killing themselves. I been bothered by the news ever since, I heard about it earlier.

Intrusive heavy thoughts bugging me while, I try to shake them off and keep going with my life. I


pictured him walking past here.

Trying to convince myself if he saw this maybe, he might  still be alive. A lot to put on one little building in a glance while, I was putting on my seat belt.  But, wouldn’t it be great for me if my thoughts were true.