The Bad Squirrels – illustration


The Bad Squirrels
The illustrations for this book are so cute. I love them, I can’t wait to finish this book. The squirrels wear hoodies. Lol!

The colorist has to add the color.  A lot of work and care. If I didn’t have to over see every stroke, it would probably be finished.

I have to make sure my vision is portrayed fittingly. No male or female characters so each child can imagine themselves as the child dreaming etc.

I want to spark the child’s imagination. I thought about not adding color. But  I have to see what the shrink says… my attorney happens to be a psychiatrist also. (Over achiever )

I do what he says, sometimes. He told me not to self publish. Do what the publisher asks, if that’s what you want. I had no idea what I was getting myself into then.

I don’t regret my decision. I would have felt like I was doing all the work while, I only get a percentage of my royalties. Writing the book is the easy part.

I could not have been more incorrect. But, it is doable with the time and money. That’s what it boils down to actually. That and spending countless hours social networking with your target market.

Good writing; presented well, is a start. But, that does not scratch the surface of what is ahead of you to be noticed. It takes money, networking also, becoming your brand. You are your book’s passion.

Sell that passion behind your books and you will sell books. I didn’t believe that was really necessary for a long time. I felt my book would sell itself once people knew about it. I was wrong.

Building the trust of an audience is important. Be consistent with writing. I jumped in with both hands and feet hitting the ground running. Not knowing which way to go. Don’t do that.

I know now, more than I cared to know about books. I just wanted to tell stories. I still feel that way.

Fruit in due season …