Success, What is it?

Success is individually defined. Another label, as far as I am concerned; try staying away, from labeling or being labeled others.

If I am satisfied with myself, at the moment I think of it, enough for me. I can only keep trying to completion of a vision. I see accomplishing desired goals, as my success.

There are recipes I guess, but the unexpected and unknown is definitely a factor. I like challenges as long as I land on my feet.

Negotiating is my best strength, I believe. I know there are limitations to what others can and will do for me. I give my best effort however, it’s often not reciprocal and always my best. Busy, tired and stressed.

Human error or uninformed decision making by others are not foreseeable. Consequently resulting in setbacks that can be enormous. But simply mistakes or error in judgment.

Who can say, what success for someone else is without, walking in their shoes.

I have been feeling tortured lately.  Staying positive through negative impact. Keeping others on track with my projects is drainage on my motivation.

I am producing audio books in English and Spanish. I like a illustrator who is not a professional. I want to use her. She is great if I am sitting by her. Takes art direction really well, then.

Okay don’t think. Lol, I love you but, I know what I want. I see why, publishers don’t want images with book submissions.  I don’t blame them. I swear, I could kick my self sometimes.

I could of been, called a writer by now. I could be writng. Guiding others on what and what not to do instead. Remember, trust no one with your work expect to get what you paid for. Check often on things to see, if you get is what was expected. How long will it take to be done.

Miscommunication happens and not knowing how things work exactly, can haunt the rest of your career.  Find out and make sure you ask “If something goes wrong, what is your policy. “