Dear God, please, I feel so sad. I feel like I just lost every good thing I had. I have no one to talk with, no one but you. Now I am NOT certain of what I should do.

No one could hear as I complained, begging for changes to be made. While it seems, everyone stayed the same. I am having trouble believing, there is nothing to blame. I sacrifed the total of everything I made. The importance of what I have done, remains with me through the outcome.

I don’t expect you to understand the demands, I put on myself. I don’t want them set aside, growing dust on a shelf. I have worked very hard.

The big crocodile tears wetting my face  are dripping over many costly mistakes, some I didn’t make, directly affecting my life.

Please God, give us something coming from you, divine intervention to fix this mess. Because, I am not sure of what to ask. I am at the end of a rope. Hanging on hope I don’t trust anymore.

Wishing someone cares about what they’ve done. I can’t talk to any one person, whom cares. Someone different every time through a email. I don’t know what more I can say anyway, but take responsibility for the errors you made. Figure out a way to compensate.

I have done everything I have been asked and then more. No way you don’t know you effect the outcome. If I am wrong, I can accept it and move on.

Misunderstandings have been faced before. But, there is a problem at the core of this thing. Why would you ignore the complaints over and over and over again. I can’t be the only one.

I want to rely on the faith and trust that I had in you. Don’t take advantage of the power you have.